Demo Reel Shot Breakdown

Life of Pi – 00:00 – Tiger in boat, Pi on raft camera dipping underwater, Pi and tiger on lifeboat – Lead Lighter for international teams in India to create water and sky. Lighting of water and fish for the underwater shot using Houdini and Mantra.

King Kong – 00:28 – Kong sitting on ledge, T-Rex fight, T-Rex fight in swamp, Kong with bats, People escaping using the bats – 3D Sequence Lead – Lighting of Kong, Ground environment generation using Maya paint effects and RenderMan, Lighting of Kong and bats.

Cloverfield Trailer – 00:50 – Statue of Liberty head bouncing down street – animation of head, Effects animation of dust and sparks, Lighting of Liberty head using Maya and RenderMan.

Fantastic 4: 2 Rise of the Silver Surfer – 00:58 – Planetary destruction that opens the movie – Effects animation of planet collapse using animation and shader writing, Effects Animation of dust and rocks flying out of cracks, Lighting of entire of shot using Maya and RenderMan.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins – 01:22 – Penguin stepping off egg, Penguins sliding/rolling down hill behind people – Lighting of penguins using R&H’s proprietary software.

Alvin and the Chipmunks – Chipwrecked! – 01:35 – Chipmunks leaping out of basket – Lighting of chipmunks using R&H’s proprietary software.

Hop – 01:42 – Egg factory interior – Setup of Lighting for factory for show and Final Lighting of factory interior shot using Houdini and Mantra.

Knight and Day – 01:55 – Crane shot of bulls and crowd running down street, Bulls running by Cruise and Diaz on bike, Bull tossing head, Bulls running to fence, Bulls breaking through fence – In the first shot there are CG bulls and CG people mixed in with the real bulls and crowd. Lighting of bulls and crowd using R&H’s proprietary software.

Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor –  02:06 – Dragon flying, Hands emerging from statue, Emperor walking down steps, Dagger flying towards camera – Lighting of dragon, emperor, and dagger using R&H’s proprietary software.

 Aliens in the Attic –  02:19 – Flying through keyhole, Alien hugging little girl, Aliens opening suitcase – Lighting of aliens using R&H’s proprietary software.

Discovery Channel Pictures – 02:30 – IMAX logo – Visual Effects Supervision – Blue screen shoot, supervision of post including animation of water blobs, creatures and objects falling, color and lighting, and final film (70mm 15 perf) finishing.

Moneygram Commercial – 02:40 – On-Set Supervision of commercial shoot

The Cat in the Hat – 02:48Purple mist oozing out of big red box – Effects animation using Houdini.

Eight Legged Freaks – 02:52 – Giant spider face to face with girl – Look development of five different spiders, helped to build rendering pipeline, and lighting spiders. Using Maya and RenderMan.


Software Used:

Houdini, Mantra, Maya, RenderMan, MTOR/Slim, Shake, MELScript, Perl, Photoshop, R&H proprietary software (Lighthouse, Voodoo, and Icy), Nuke, Linux scripting.