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Demo Reel Shot Breakdown

Life of Pi – 00:00 – Tiger in boat, Pi and tiger on lifeboat – Lead Lighter for international teams in India to create water and sky.

King Kong – 00:17 – T-Rex fight in swamp, Ann running, Kong sitting on ledge – 3D Sequence Lead – Lighting of Kong, Ground environment generation using Maya paint effects and RenderMan.

Black Lightning – 00:41 – Nano suit coming on – Lighting of Nano suit using 3DS Max and Vray.

 Titans – 00:52 – Snake on floor, tiger sitting up, Raven kneeling in front of tiger, Raven talking to Trigon – Lighting of snake, tiger, and Trigon using Maya and Redshift.

 Batwoman – 01:20 – Batwoman on motorcycle, Batwoman falling out of building, Batwoman firing grappling hook down elevator shaft – Lighting of head and hair on bike, lighting of Batwoman digi-double falling out of building and debris, lighting of grappling hook and elevator shaft using Maya and Vray.

 The Flash – 01:33 – ElastiMan jumping in front of beam and dagger, ElastiMan getting hit with dagger – Lighting of ElastiMan digi-double using 3DS Max and Vray.

 R.I.P.D. – 01:41 – Taxi avoiding collapsing building – Lighting of building and cars using Houdini and Mantra.

 Alvin and the Chipmunks – 01:44 – Simon putting on glasses – Lighting of chipmunk using R&H’s proprietary software.

Alvin and the Chipmunks – Chipwrecked! – 01:47 – Chipmunks leaping out of basket – Lighting of chipmunks using R&H’s proprietary software.

 Hop – 01:55 – Egg factory interior – Setup of Lighting for factory for show and Final Lighting of factory interior shot using Houdini and Mantra.

Knight and Day – 02:02 – Crane shot of bulls and crowd running down street, Bulls running to fence, Bulls breaking through fence – In the first shot there are CG bulls and CG people mixed in with the real bulls and crowd. Lighting of bulls and crowd using R&H’s proprietary software.

Cloverfield Trailer – 02:10 – Statue of Liberty head bouncing down street – animation of head, Effects animation of dust and sparks, Lighting of Liberty head using Maya and RenderMan.

Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor – 02:19 – Emperor walking down steps, Dagger flying towards camera – Lighting of emperor, and dagger using R&H’s proprietary software.

Discovery Channel Pictures – 02:24 – IMAX logo – Visual Effects Supervision – Blue screen shoot, supervision of post including animation of water blobs, creatures and objects falling, color and lighting, and final film (70mm 15 perf) finishing.

Software Used:

Houdini, Mantra, Maya, 3DS Max, Vray, Redshift, Nuke, RenderMan, MTOR/Slim, Shake, MELScript, Photoshop, R&H proprietary software (Lighthouse, Voodoo, and Icy), Linux scripting.